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Plan, Launch and Market Your Podcast

For non-profits and businesses

 Your organization’s podcast should reflect it’s mission, and provide content which invites listeners to learn more about your important work. Mark has more than twenty year’s experience leading audio start-ups and production, and can guide you through the process of conceiving, launching, producing and marketing a podcast for your business or non-profit, whatever your budget. There are thousands of podcasts in cyberspace, but the shows which succeed with the audience have compelling, interesting content and smart, experienced marketing.

  1. Topic and Format Ideas

  2. Evaluating the concept, testing the ideas and identifying the audience

  3. Content, voices, tone, and audience connection

  4. Production needs and piloting the show

  5. Launching your podcast

  6. Designing a production schedule to meet your needs

  7. Platforms and Distribution

  8. Marketing, outreach, audience feedback and how to grow and go viral