Practical steps to block internet blather

Danny Moloshok/Reuters

Danny Moloshok/Reuters

Traumatized via text? mesmerized by Messenger? exasperated by email? subdued with spam? Most of us are weary of the internet's unwanted intrusions into life's daily struggle with calendars, appointments, and other people's crises, prompting the addictive urge to check the phone 18 times an hour. This, as we know, leads to justifiable accusations of rudeness, inattentiveness, ADD, and social withdrawal.

But the pendulum has swung, and the surfing public is fighting back. It started with Kardblock - the App which promises to rid your news feeds of all references to the family Kardashian. One less thing to worry about when the morning alarm goes off. If you must, PIN the picture above and move on. Next, unroll me is making the rounds and catching fire quickly, making it easy to get rid of junk-mail and outdated email subscriptions.

Part of all this, as all the internet life coaches would tell us, is dealing with the difficulties of the past. A favorite solution of mine is Dead2Me, an easy way to ditch stalkers, persistent marketers, unwanted relatives or former significant others, blocking their phone calls and texts.

Another popular personal defense is AdBlock, which removes irritating videos, ads and calls to action, and claims to speed up browsing. The site says it's free with "optional contributions". This article from WikiHow explains how to discourage businesses from spamming you. And this WikiHow story explains the steps to install filters on the most popular mail servers.

Once your defensive team is in place, you might want to look to the future and try to re-establish some order in life. The Cosi Family Organizer is perfect for perplexed soccer moms and stressed dads trying to avoid scheduling conflicts. The Life Organizer is more aspirational, suggesting you log life-goals and other dreams, but also deals with regular daily planning. 

There are, of course, many more helpful apps and programs out there. PLEASE POST AND SEND ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS. But the war on internet clutter has begun in earnest, and soon we should all be able to lift our heads from our laps, and laptops, throw our shoulders back, and breathe the real air.

Mark McDonald

Chief Coach, Birkdale Media