1. media releases to get attention

1-day workshops, individual coaching or customized business package


  • How to decide what your goal is
  • How to craft the message so others will pay attention
  • How to highlight your story
  • The Five "W"s for a good media release
  • What's the story, and how to tell it
  • How to be clear, not technical
  • How to time the release of the news
  • Who to send it to, and how
  • How to utilize social media for viral impact

2. producing a successful media conference

1-day workshops, individual coaching or customized business package

  • How to plan and publicize it to maximize or target coverage
  • How to attract key media players and get a buzz on social media
  • How much to say
  • How to use your body language effectively
  • How to structure your script and thoughts
  • How to utilize the easy questions and deal with the tough ones
  • How to handle hecklers and hijackers
  • How to perform in front of the cameras and microphones
  • Utilizing social media


1-day workshopS, INDIVIDUAL COACHING or CUSTOMIZED business package

  • How to prepare for a radio, TV or print/web interview
  • An understanding of the sound byte and how the interview might be used. How to engage the interviewer and build rapport to assess potential tone and questions
  • How to speak with confidence and convey your enthusiasm, sincerity, and honesty
  • How to arrange your thoughts to eliminate jargon, and speak with clarity. How to use your appearance, body language, and voice
  • Pausing to collect your thoughts
  • The use of storytelling and humor


Persuasion Confidence Power

To be a strong advocate, you need to represent your group with distinction - in your appearance, and with what you say to public and media audiences. Some people are reluctant to be in the limelight, shy, or cannot organize their thoughts under pressure. Our interactive training workshops use confidential one-on-one video and playback sessions with seasoned professionals to recreate real life scenarios, to help you to overcome your specific challenges.

  • The art of persuasion
  • How to construct, and deliver, an elevator pitch
  • When to deliver it, and when not to
  • How to work a room
  • Avoiding the media or social media ambush
  • The elevator pitch


1-day workshops, individual coaching or customized business package

  • How communications timing is everything
  • Choosing the right message, and who to say it to
  • How much, or how little, needs to be said
  • How to get ahead of a communications challenge
  • How to protect your group/organization
  • How to deal with confidentiality/legal issues arising
  • Make a plan to deal with it internally and externally
  • How to communicate with stakeholders
  • How to get the best media outcomes


1-day workshops, individual coaching or customized business package

  • The basics of social networking and marketing
  • How to establishing campaign goals
  • How to design a strategy for viral and media publicity
  • How to protect and enhance your organization's reputation
  • How effective and informative blogging boosts credibility
  • How to interpret online analytics to evaluate outcomes and plan future campaigns